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Safest Motorcycle Helmets of 2017
Shoei Qwest Here we’ve a simple complete face bike helmet. Maximum insurance and no turn-up chin bar to weaken the structural integrity, which is good. If we speak about exact vintage impact protection, this shell is fantastically secure. It’s a composite fibreglass production. Whilst less expensive polycarbonate buckets will crash on effect, fibreglass will crackle. […]
Top websites or shops to buy motorcycle riding gear in India
Hi, Guys, we have seen that there are many people who face a lot of issues searching for the right websites or shops where you could buy motorcycle gear in India. As a result, we have put together a list of all the websites from where you could  Here are some of the links that […]
Lawrence of Arabia An Avid Motorcyclist & The Helmet
Thomas Edward Lawrence, (1888 – 1935) was a British author, archaeologist, diplomat & a British army intelligence officer during the First World War. This World War hero, TE Lawrence, commonly known as Lawrence of Arabia, is perhaps the twentieth century’s most romantic hero, a diminutive, multilingual British scholar who led a successful Arab revolt against […]
Making Motorcycle Ride Safer
Motorcycling can be a thrilling thing altogether, but can also turn out to be a hazardous one if safety measures aren’t taken up. Motorcycle Riding Gears Latest Motorcycle Helmets With the technological evolutions in every area nowadays, motorcycle helmets aren’t left behind. Over the time, the motorcycle helmet manufacturers are introducing revolutionary advancements in them. […]
Quietest Motorcycle Helmets That You Can Buy
Helmets are the most important thing to have when you are riding your motorcycle. They not just protect your head from impact etc but saves yours from bugs and wind noise which can deafen you permanently. Hence we bring to you the Quietest Motorcycle Helmets That You Can Buy. Schuberth C3 Pro The Schuberth C3 Pro […]
The Evolution Of Crash Helmets In The Last 100 Years
This amazing short video from Donut Media is a visualisation, how the helmets have come from being mere canvas masks to save you from bugs to not saving you from death! Some of the key points on Donut’s helmet timeline: In 1908, at the earliest auto races, drivers were rocking “soft cloth” head caps to save you from oncoming bugs. […]
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