Review: Motorcycle Safety Tool For iPhone Users – GoRide

Mobile technology is quickly evolving and there are some apps that can really help save either your money or your priced possession. One such app is GoRide. GoRide is a motorcycle safety app to detect falls and accidents. The app uses the iPhones built in sensors to analyse and detect if you have fallen. If the […]

Meet Steph Jeavons On Her Solo World Tour Riding A Honda CRF250L

MEET STEPH JEAVONS… Steph left from the Ace Cafe, London on 23rd March 2014. Steph has been around bikes most of her life with both parents and one of her two sisters riding as well. Her grandmother even rode bikes during the war! I think you can safely say it’s in the blood and thats […]

This Guy Has Taken Adventure Motorcycling A Different Level Crossing Vitim Bridge

This Video will bring your stomach to your mouth with the thrill! Dale Chandler shared this amazing video from Adventures on an Enduro Bike & Siberski Extreme doing a high speed Vitim River crossing on this dangerous Wooden Bridge! What they had to say – ‘My 45 seconds of fame on the infamous Vitim bridge. This was my first and only […]

Watch This Croatian Rimac Concept_One Beat A Tesla And A LaFerrari In A Quarter-mile Drag

This Croatian Startup – Rimac Concept_One just beat the Bumm out of a Tesla P90D and LaFerrari. Below is the video that shows how it decimates the 2 most powerful production cars in the market. British racing driver and YouTuber Archie Hamilton, drove both the Tesla and the Ferrari in this video. He was certain […]

What An Insane Way to Pass A Porsche Carerra By A Motorcycle

Insane way to pass! Passing the Passer. Watch this guy makes an insane passing move to this already passing Porsche Carerra 4 Would you like to try this or have you done this earlier?

Travel Diary: A Thousand Miles A Minute: Seattle To Ushuaia – Video – Shannon Mills (S&M Boiler Works)

Or to be more precise: 24,000 thousand miles in 24 minutes. It has been surprisingly difficult to condense 16 months of captured photos and video into a tolerable length of time for anyone besides our parents to watch, but we gave it a shot. The unique moments that have formed each day of this journey […]