A Girl On A Motorcycle journey amongst the terrains of Pakistan – Zenith Irfan

‘A 21 year old Capricorn, set on an epic motorcycle journey amongst the terrains of Pakistan with nothing but her free hearted soul.’ Thats what her page details about. Meet Zenith Irfan, Covering over 700 miles in six day on the upper part of the Pakistan (Himalayan Belt of Pakistan) Irfan did her solo trip […]

Ford Mustang Launched In India. Now What All You Can Do With Your Mustang

Hey, we came to know that the new Ford Mustang is not officially launched in India. Yes we are really excited for this however many of you would think why would you buy this iconic mustang and what not. But hey this is not just any mustang. this time Ford has launched the Mustang with […]

Best Places In India For No Network Vacations

Whether it be that small dog following you everywhere with its network of a girl reaching remote locations with her 4G network, or even the classroom session of IIN. At time no network is what you need to unwind, stay away from the mess and bring yourself back to to reality. We found a really […]

Top 5 Motorcycle Accessories Every Motorcycle Rider Should Have

Hi Guys, Today I am trying to cover the Top 5 Motorcycle Accessories Every Motorcycle Rider Should Have to make his ride more comfortable. The basic premise for this article is on these 5 parameters: Safety Comfort Accessibility You should always keep the following items with you to make your ride more comfortable, safer and […]

Review: Must Have Motorcycle Stand – DynaMoto

Everyone who rides a motorcycle loves the freedom and convenience, but whats not convenient is the part of parking the motorcycle. The hassles of finding enough space and making room when its already parked. An Australian company – Dynamoto have come up with an innovative paddock stand that does all of this so well for […]

Review: Must Have Motorcycle Helmet – SKULLY AR-1

The technology towards helmets designs is evolving fast. but one company that is taking it to the next level is Skully. The first Augmented Reality motorcycle helmet to feature a built-in Heads-Up Display and 180° Blindspot Camera, the SKULLY AR-1 makes you Superhuman by Design™. The SKULLY AR- 1 is the first helmet to feature a Heads-Up Display for unparalleled […]

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