Lane Splitting: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Lane Splitting is good Motorcyclists are safer from getting rear ended. No doubts here. If you screen via the traffic channels, you’re less prone to be rear ended. As for an example, take in account what wouldn’t have materialized if the rider edged up alongside the vehicle ahead of him. Motorcyclists save time No exclusions […]

Keanu Reeves Owns Arch Motorcycle Company.

Many of us know Keanu Reeves as star of the Matrix series, but how many of us actually know that he loves speed and owns a motorcycle company! Yes, you heard that right; Keanu Reeves along with his long-time friend, Gard Hollinger who previously owned the company, LA County Chop Rods, have together founded the […]

The Crazy Ride By This Amazing Motorcycle Rider Across India, Myanmar and Bhutan

India, Bhutan and Myanmar tour on Bajaj Pulsar 220cc Watch the video below! Below are the words of S Ali Mehndi Zander who has traveled the whole of India on his Bajaj Pulsar.  I believe that life in an adventure and the only way to be happy is to ‘Live the life you Love & Love the life […]

Top 7 Sports Avto That Can Be Hard To Drive

People wonder at happening sports cars that feel relatively cosy on the road. But most sports cars fall into the category of “rough around the edges,” just as you’d expect and want in such a machine. Then there are a handful of cars that were born to misbehave. Check out the list below for seven supercars that […]

Freestyle Motocross Racing: Summary, History & Facts

Motocross Is all about big jumps, big engines and big wipe-outs. Motocross racing really began to advance as a sport after World War II, with races being run on dirt ovals or horse race tracks. Races were later held on bigger tracks and the courses were modified to include larger banks and bigger jumps. Post World War II motorcycle manufacturing, vital […]

Best Mesh Motorcycle Pants of 2017

Icon Raiden Arakis There is cowhide leather within the knee areas. Each producer ought to have thought about that, however – at a simple 200 dollars – the Arakis is the just a single on my rundown that does. And afterward there’s the pockets – two zippered ones on either side and on the off […]

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