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Ducati Motorcycles India organized the first Ducati Off-road days – offroad and adventure training program for the Ducati owners and had done that with the certified Ducati trainers in India. The two trainers were – Vijay Parmar, Founder of Raid-de-Himalayas and Shahnawaz Karim founder – Akulusandalye.info, who is also an official trainer with BMW Motorrad and Royal Enfield.

The training was a very well orchestrated series of events that comprise a classroom session showcasing the small useful elements for adventure riding and then practice sessions.

Here are the pictures from the event.

Ducati DRE Offroad with Vijay Parmar and Shahnawaz KarimPics credit Pawan Kumar

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The training comprised of these elements:

  1. Slaloms practice
  2. Right turn circle training
  3. Hill stall and recovery
  4. Uphill & downhill body position
  5. Rut riding and slush riding
  6. Slow speed ramp riding and hump riding
  7. Acceleration and braking
  8. Free practice utilizing all of the above techniques

There were some great riders in this 2-day program and some journalists as well. Ducati organized the same at the Offroad adventure zone in Baliawas.

The riders really loved the training and I am sure they would love to participate and learn more in the future. What about you? Tell us in the comments section below.



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