Top Electric Two Wheelers in India

A couple of years prior, it would have been difficult to try to consider supplanting your petroleum controlled bike with an electric one. Issues, for example, execution, flexibility and range tension fended off most purchasers from e-bikes generally. Here’s a glance at the best electric bikes The Praise  It is the second bike to leave […]

5 Basic Exercises For Motocross And Enduro Riding

Hello, I’m Shahnawaz Karim, an IIA certified motorcycle adventure and enduro trainer and I’m going to explain 5 basic exercises for motocross and enduro. We do these to get more control over our motorcycle. The first one is “pendulum” It trains right body position, balance and throttle feel. The goals are to compensate motorcycle inertia […]

How To Do Flat Cornering On Motocross Or Enduro Motorcycle

I’m Shahnawaz Karim, an IIA certified Motorcycle adventure & enduro riding trainer riding. I’m going to explain – How to Do Flat Cornering? Flat Cornering is a basic element of motocross and enduro riding. It’s trained on the flat surface. We have a special circle on the track. Flat Cornering is met everywhere: race, training, enduro, […]

BMW Motorrad International Instructors Academy IIA Certification Course – Shahnawaz Karim – Akulusandalye.info

Hi Guys, This Diwali when everyone was celebrating the joys of festivity, I was celebrating the joys of the motorcycle riding. It was a special moment that BMW Motorrad India finally got the youngest IIA certified trainer. The first certified international trainer from India. That’s yours truly Shahnawaz Karim This training was conducted by BMW Motorrad Academy […]

JK Tyre – Mercedes Benz and Overdrive – 24-hour Performance Drive

It was a historic day on 22ndand 23rd September 2018 when JK Tyre powered the 24 Hour Performance Drive with Overdrive and Mercedes Benz. The record-breaking event was performed in the controlled environment of the only Formula 1 certified race track in India – Buddh International circuit. The team was able to set a national record […]

Meet The BMW Motorrad Autonomous R1200GS Adventure

Don’t know if this will make you happy or sad, but it would definitely want you to look at it twice. https://youtu.be/4JlYE6nSNJI A recent video, uploaded on the BMW Motorrad channel showcased an R 1200 GS bike which zips through the track with no rider on it. The bike turns, accelerates and keeps itself in balance […]

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